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Most of my life has been involved in the manufacturing and retailing of ladies dresses and sportswear. Having decided to make
a career change, I went back to school. Now looking for a position which will utilize my personal, analytical and communicative
skills. Offering my business experience and stability in return for the opportunity to start a new career. Give me the opportunity
and in return I will be an asset to your firm.
                                           ALAN GOLDBERG    
                                      11205 Island Lakes Lane 
                                       Boca Raton, Fl 33498 
                                         561-451-3760 (H) 
A position as an entry level programmer utilizing my technical, analytical and interpersonal skills.
                                      Computer Background
Completed first year courses in C++, Visual C++, Java, Visual Basic, Access, FrontPage 98, Systems analyst.
Experienced in Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Windows 3.1,Windows 95. 
Visual Basic-Keiser College                                                                                               Sept 1997-June 1998
Part of a three person team in visual basic course which developed a database application for medical and dental benefits to be
recorded in the Human Resources Department of a small company (100 employees). Results would be the cost to the
employee and to the company.
Access data base-Keiser College                                                                                      Sept 1997-June 1998
Part of a three person team which formulated a database for a video retail store which sold and rented videos. Included
documentation and charting.
Systems Analysis-Keiser College                                                                                       Sept 1997-June 1998
Part of a two person team which analyzed the possibility of automating a fictional short line railroad, including charts, costing
analysis, interviews, forms, reports and background history.
C++-Keiser College                                                                                                           Sept 1997-June 1998
Started development of a database in DOS of a party rental business.
Budget Dress-New York, NY                                                                                               Jan 1972-June 1980
Instrumental in the automation of Budget Dress who employed between 75-100 employees in two locations, a business volume
of twenty to forty million dollars a year, servicing two thousand accounts and having 150-200 SKU’s at any one time. The
company purchased a Wang VS computer system and hired a software development firm. Most programming was done in
COBOL, entirely menu driven, with a large database. Programs involved accounts receivable, production, ordering , shipping
and inventory control. Instrumental in the testing and development of software, liasion between the partners and the
programmers, establishment of a remote sight in Secaucus, NJ, training of over 25 employees in computer operations.
Developed a program which would automatically do backups at midday and end of day. Developed a program which would
automatically print out essential management reports at the end of the business today and update customer service files.
Developed a program to facillitate the distribution and shipment of accounts whose stores had to be dropped shipped directly
from our warehouse. Did much of the hardware and software troubleshooting and trained several other employees in the same
Keiser College-Fort Lauderdale, Fl                                                                                        Sept 1997-June 1996
Associate of Science in computer programming.
University of Cincinnati-Cincinnati, Ohio                                                                                 Sept 1961-June 1965 
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
                            			 Work experience
Cim Concepts-Plantation, Fl                                                                                                     Dec 10-Present
Entry level programming in C, Training of users on application software, tech support.
The Answer Group-Fort Lauderdale, Fl                                                                                   August 3-Dec 6, 1998
Handling phone computer tech support for Compaq on all laptop models. Involves troubleshooting software and hardware
situations by using a wide array of tools.
Radio Shack-Boca Raton, Fl                                                                                                   June 1996-July 1998
Began as sales associate in Manager Trainee Program. Became a store manager responsible for inventory, ordering, training,
merchandise displays and sales. Stepped down to sales associate to continue education.
E.I.Cats-Delray Indoor Flea Market-Delray Beach, Fl                                                           August 1992-June 1996
Self-employed, responsible for sales , inventory, purchasing of a ladies sportswear retail operation. Maintained books on
spreadsheets using Excel.
Dresses For Less-Elizabeth, N.J.                                                                                            January 1990-July 1992
Vice President of operations of an offprice retail operation. Involved in general bookkeeping, ordering, merchandise displays,
sales and training.
Seneca Dress-New York, NY                                                                                                 June 1984-January 1990
Vice President operations of dress and suit manufacturer. Trained employees on computers, set production schedules,
introduced new fabrics and products, involved in sales and purchasing.


Budget Dress-New York,NY                                                                                                   January 1969-June 1984
Began as salesman, became sales manager of division, then became full partner. Added new products and fabrics to business.
Introduced automation to the business and trained all personnel. Refer to summary of qualifications.
Upon Request.