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Welcome to my Web site!


Well as you can see what my main interest and hobby are trains the real
thing and models. I model in HO gauge and I model the Canadian National,
Canadian Pacific and several New England railroads (MEC, B&M). I have a
small operating layout, 70% senicked. My rolling stock consists of over two
hundred freight and passenger cars dated for the 1950's. I have 40
locomotives-mostly diesel-and several pieces of traction. I have a substantial
collection of photographs which I will display on the photo page. I will add and
delete photos on a monthly basis.

                      I am a member of the National Model Railroad Association  I also belong to the American Philatelic Society which clues you in to one of my other interests.

I am happy I have so many hobbies and I think hobbies are very
important to a person's health. They are a way to channel stress and excess
energy and to bring certain dreams to fruition. I hope you will enjoy this web
site as much as I have in making the site. Have a great day!!

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                    This site is not only under construction but reconstruction, we would appreciate any input.

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